Wadi Rum has opportunities for some great mountain hikes, and one of the most popular is to hike and scramble up to the natural rock arch on Jabal Burdah. It’s one of the highest rock arches in the region, at a height of about 35 meters, so it offers spectacular views.

view looking up at the rock bridge from below on the desert floor

Often during the classic jeep tour we pass by the mountain for people to see the arch from below. If you choose a combination tour your can see the highlights of the protected area on the first day, and on the second day you can hike up to the Burdah rock arch with our local bedouin guide.

cairn on the path up Jabal Burdah

Stacked rocks are seen during the hike up the mountain along the way up. This photo was taken before sunrise, but normally we don’t start our hike this early. We head out after breakfast from the camp by jeep and arrive when the sun is fully up.

When you get a bit higher, the view starts to open.

If you are not surefooted or have a tendency to get vertigo, this is probably not the best hike for you. (Hiking Jabal Hash may be more enjoyable.) We also recommend against taking children on this particular hike, depending on their ages.

a tricky part of the Jabal Burdah hike, guests are along a ledge being helped by the local guide
A tricky part of the hike! Good to have a guide with you.
looking up at someone on the arch of jabal burdah
female hiker scrambles up jabal burdah, steadying herself on the rocks as three men stand below

This hike to Burdah rock arch requires you to use your hands to scramble up at the top, and the guide should secure you with a rope just for a safety precaution. But if you make it all the way onto the rock bridge it is a great feeling of accomplishment!

new of the desert from the mountain arch
And the views are, of course, worth all the effort to climb up!

After the hike we have lunch and explore the desert again from below. If you want an adventurous outdoor experience in Wadi Rum you can sleep under the stars; we offer guided bivouac experience as well.

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