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Call us biased, but we think the Wadi Rum desert has the most beautiful scenery on earth. Those of us who live here never get tired of it. Your trip to Jordan really starts to feel like an adventure when you head out into the desert. We know you want to share your experience with the world, so here are our top picks for Instagrammable Wadi Rum pics!

1. The Top – Umm Ad Dami

This is number one because it is the highest spot in all of Jordan, and it takes some time and effort to get here: The top of Jabal Umm Ad Dami. You have to go by jeep almost to the border of Saudi Arabia, and then hike up to the top to get the unbelievable views, and the photo of your success by the Jordanian flag planted at the summit.

view of the mountains in the distance from the top of Jabal Umm Ad Dami in southern Wadi Rum
Hiker atop Umm Ad Dami

You should have a local guide for this hike because we know the best way up the mountain. Let us know if you are interested in one of our tours that includes the Umm Ad Dami hike.

2. Sipping tea with a bedouin 

If you don’t have a cup of tea by the fire with a local bedouin, have you really visited Wadi Rum?   Luckily for you, all our guides ARE local bedouin and they will definitely brew some tea during your tour. So you won’t have to go hunting for either!

Having afternoon tea by the rocks

3. Camel selfie

Of course it is better if you can get close to the camel’s face for this one.  You can do it!  Or get some video while riding the camel.  For laughs, have someone take video of you while the camel is standing up, lurching forward and tossing you back a bit.  You have to remember the feeling and it usually is scarier than it looks.

Life is not what happened to you but what you remember and how you remember it to retell it. 

Gabriel García Márquez

4. Mushroom rock is soooo instagrammable

the natural rock formation that looks like a mushroom is one of the most instagrammable spots in wadi rum

This mushroom shaped sandstone formation is an obvious one, but you’d be surprised how many travelers come to Wadi Rum and somehow miss this stop.  DM if you want the straight answer on why this happens! If you are skilled at capturing the stars at night, you’ll need to find a guide who is willing to take you here at nighttime for a shot.

5. Umm Frouth Rock bridge

This bridge takes you… from one side of the rock to the other side of the rock.  But it is pretty cool to get a photo here after you’ve climbed up!  Definitely one of the most instagrammable Wadi Rum sites, and a must see stop on our jeep tours.

people on top of the Umm Frouth rock bridge

6. Chicken rock

Did you ever think rocks would be so Insta-worthy?

chicken (or cow?) rock in wadi rum is quite instagrammable

Some call it cow rock, because it depends on your angle of view what you see (or how hungry you are?)  This is another natural formation that’s sort of off the beaten track for a lot of the jeep tours, unless you make it a two day tour.  

7. The sunset at Umm Sabata.

There’s no question: locals know the best places to view the Wadi Rum sunset.  You have to get up a bit higher to have the best photos.  Don’t pick a tour blindly— know where you will see the sunset, because if your guide doesn’t choose the best spot for the magical hour at dusk, you’ll likely be disappointed with other aspects of his service.

8.  Frolicking at a red dune 

Like this, if you like the action shot. 

Or if you aren’t much of a frolicker at heart, make a slow-mo of your feet in the sand– it’s great if your smart phone camera can do this little trick.

man in red sand dunes

9. Build a cairn

small rock tower built by a visitor to Wadi Rum

Stacking rocks precariously… It’s a thing! Yes, more instagrammable rocks.

Cairns are supposed to be used on trails to show that you are on the right track. Here in Wadi Rum you mostly seem them built for fun. Feel free to knock yours over after you get the pic.

10. For the truly adventurous…

The final challenge:  stand on top of the Jabal Burdah Rock Arch. This hike and scramble is not for the faint of heart (or those with a fear of heights)!   

* Bonus: 11. Balloon ride

Ok, this is a top ten list but for those of you willing to wake up very early in the morning there is a local option to have a balloon ride over the desert (weather conditions permitting!)


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