1D/1N: Hiking Tour – Jabal Al-Hash

Hike Jabal Al-Hash with a local bedouin guide

If you are looking for an easier way to enjoy Wadi Rum on foot, we suggest that you first hike Jabal Al-Hash. At the top, you can get a great view of the desert and mountains. After lunch, enjoy more hiking in the Siq Al Noughra canyon. Then see natural rock formations and nearby sand dunes. A local bedouin hiking guide will accompany you. And you will enjoy an overnight stay with meals at the Escape camp. If you would like to spend the night in a desert bivouac during this tour, we offer this as an extra service as well. Learn more about our bivouac option here.

If you would prefer to combine this with a day of jeep tour you should choose this itinerary instead: 2D/ 1N Jeep tour and Jabal Hash Hike.

View from the top when you hike Jabal Hash - with local guide sitting
a kettle of bedouin tea is warming on the fire.
After you hike Jabal Hash you have time to visit other parts of the desert and see natural formations like the Cow Rock
red dune with mountain behind it in Wadi Rum visited in the afternoon after the Jabal Hash hike


This morning you will meet us at Wadi Rum village to begin the tour at 9:00am.  Your guide will then drive you by jeep to the southern area of Wadi Rum to hike Jabal Al-Hash. There you will park the vehicle at the base of the mountain.  You will take your backpack with water, sunscreen, hat, camera and any other necessary items.  This is a fairly easy hike that most can manage without difficulty.

You will see the landscape from one side where the red and white desert sands meet. From the top you will see the highest point of the main peaks of Jordan’s mountains.  Here your guide will make tea to enjoy while you take in the stunning landscape and some pictures to remember the moments at the top of the mountain.  Then, slowly descend to the jeep. It will take between four and five hours to make the ascent and descent, depending on how quickly you make the hike. Now it is time to find a nice spot to have lunch, relax and drink some tea and juice.


After lunch, the guide will take you to Wadi Noughra canyon with its interesting landscape.  You will stop at the beginning and go with your guide to a nice viewing spot for photos. After this you will hike Siq Al Noughra which is very narrow natural gorge.  The guide will drive the jeep to the end of the canyon to wait for you while you enjoy the hike through the beautiful canyon.  You will also have the chance to see the cisterns which bedouin made to collect water for their animals. Then hike over to the natural formation called “Cow rock” or “chicken rock” depending on how you look at it. Next you will head to the red dunes and see the area between the red and white desert.

Following the hike you will go to a beautiful point from which to watch the sun as it sets and have tea made over the fire.Then he will drive you back to our camp.

Upon arrival to the camp, the team will show you your tent and then you will enjoy the evening with the bedouin.  We will have traditional Zarb dinner prepared in the bedouin way of cooking in the ground.  After dinner is time for bedouin stories and stargazing.

The next morning, enjoy the buffet breakfast at the camp. Then you will be driven back to Wadi Rum Village.

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