2D / 2N Jeep and Camel Tour

Wadi Rum combination jeep and camel tour with local bedouin

If you want to experience the best of both worlds, we offer a combined experience: full day camel tour and full day jeep tour.  With two days to explore, you will see the main sites by jeep as well as enjoy traveling by camel the way bedouin have done it for thousands of years. Specialized guides will accompany you on each day of the tour.

If you would like to spend one or both nights in a desert bivouac during this tour, we offer this as an extra service as well. Learn more about our under the stars bivouac option for wild camping.

full Itinerary

Day One

We meet the camels at the end of Wadi Rum village and head out into the desert protected area.  You will arrive at Lawrence’s Spring in approximately one hour.   From there your camel guide will take you further and you will make stops along the way with time to take photos.  Your next stop will be the area of the Red Sand Dunes which is one of the highlights of the desert. From here, you ride to the narrow Khazali Canyon to see the ancient rock inscriptions.  After this it is time to find a shaded spot to enjoy lunch and refresh with tea and water. 

After lunch

Following the lunch break you will head to visit the Little Arch, which is easily climbed. This is a great place to take pictures. From there you will go to Lawrence’s House, the remains of a stone building dating back to Nabatean times. This is where T.E. Lawrence stayed before moving out to Aqaba by the Red Sea. 

Then you will enjoy traveling by camel through the desert to the Wadi Rum Escape Camp.  The guide will drop you off at the camp and return to the village.  You will be able to walk to a beautiful sunset area which is about 25 minutes from the camp. Then have time to sip some tea and relax after your full day camel tour.  In the evening, you will have a buffet dinner of traditional bedouin food and communal time at the camp.

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full day camel tour brings travelers to Lawrence's Spring
During the camel tour you will see this impressive red dune.
The ruins of "Lawrence's House"
Sunset area near the Wadi Rum Escape Camp
rock formation in the Um Ghada area
jeep parked by the area near the cisterns
The natural formation called chicken rock or cow rock


After an early breakfast you will head out from the camp with your bedouin guide in the jeep.  We will have water and food with us for the tour. He will explain each place you visit along the way today.

The first site you will visit isthe Mushroom Rock which is a large natural formation. Then the guide will drive you to explore a bit in Barrah Canyon. The next stop is at Jabal Burdah where you can see the natural Rock Bridge formation at the top of the mountains, the highest in Wadi Rum.Then you will head to the Um Frouth Rock Bridge where it is possible to climb to the top. This is a great spot to take photos. Your guide will then find a nice shady spot for the lunch break where you can relax a bit, eat and enjoy tea.

after lunch

Following lunch you will visit more interesting places in the desert. The first stop will be at the beginning of the Um Muqur Canyon. At this spot there is a large dune to enjoy. You will then head to visit the Um Ghada area to walk the canyon.  Your guide will then drive you to see the two small arches, one which is up high and the other is lower.  In this area you will also be able to see the cistern where the bedouin store water.   The natural formation called “Chicken Rock” (or “Cow Rock” depending on your angle of view) is your final stop before heading to a high point from which to view the sunset and sip bedouin tea.

Then the guide will drive your back to our camp for dinner and evening activities.

In the morning after breakfast we will bring you back to Wadi Rum village.

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