One Hour Camel Ride

For those who just want to give it a try, we offer the chance to take a one hour camel ride either at the beginning or the end of your normal jeep, hike or combination tours. You will enjoy the short camel ride inside the protected area of Wadi Rum. A local bedouin guide, specialized with camels, will accompany you.

CAMEL RIDE Itinerary

At the start of your tour:

You will meet the camels at the end of Wadi Rum village and head out through the desert like a bedouin. In approximately one hour you will arrive to Lawrence’s Spring, a must-see spot where the animals will be refreshed. There, your bedouin guide for the day will meet you to continue the rest of your jeep or hike tour.

At the end of your tour:

After breakfast, you will go by jeep to the meeting point where you begin a one hour camel ride back to the village. Upon reaching the entry to the village our 4×4 will bring you back to the Wadi Rum village.

Note: Your luggage will be carried separately to the Escape camp by jeep if you are staying overnight with us.

View from the back of the camel during the one hour camel ride.
a couple on camels is led by a local bedouin guide who is walking with them
three camels getting water from the low channel at Lawrence's spring.
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