1D/1N: Hike to Burdah Arch

If your focus is on getting in a good hike in Wadi Rum, nothing beats the hike to Burdah Arch. Experience Wadi Rum from above as you hike and scramble up to the natural rock bridge on Jabal Burdah. You will be rewarded by amazing views of the desert and mountains. After the tour, overnight at the Escape Camp.


You will be met in Wadi Rum Village at 9:00am.  Your guide will then drive you by jeep directly to Jabal Burdah.  There he will park the vehicle at the base of the mountain.  You will take your backpack with water, sunscreen, camera and other necessary items.  Then the hike to Burdah arch begins! 

Your guide will be accompanying you to the top where the rock bridge is located. There is a short portion of the scramble to the arch where the guide will secure you with a rope in order to be safe on the ascent.  When you reach the top you will see the beautiful landscape and most of the mountains of Wadi Rum.  Once you have taken in the view from the top, you will be able to see a different side of the mountain and the vast mountainous landscape from a new vantage point as you descend.

At the end of the hike, you will return to the jeep and drive to a shady spot for a lunch break. Relax and enjoy some bedouin tea. After the break you will continue your jeep tour through the desert with some time also for canyon hiking.

After lunch

Following lunch, the guide will take you to Wadi Noughra canyon.  You will stop at the beginning and go with your guide to a nice viewing spot for photos of the landscape. After this you will hike Siq Al Noughra which is very narrow natural gorge.  The guide will drive the jeep to the end of the canyon to wait for you while you enjoy the beautiful hike through. 

Your guide can take you to still more canyons if you would like to do more hiking until sunset time approaches.  Then your guide will drive you to a special spot for viewing the sunset where you will enjoy bedouin tea made over an open fire.


Then you will brought to our camp for the overnight stay. When you arrive,the team will show you your tent and then you will enjoy the evening of music and conversation with the bedouin.  We will have traditional Zarb dinner prepared in the bedouin way of cooking in the ground.  After dinner is time for storytelling and stargazing.

The next morning, enjoy an early buffet breakfast in the communal tent. Then we will bring you back to Rum Village.

If you would like to combine this program with a full day jeep tour, choose the 2 Day 1 Night Jeep tour and Jabal Burdah Hike program instead.

The view looking down near the final stretch of the scramble during the hike to Burdah arch
view from Jabal Burdah of the desert below and mountains in the distance
View of Wadi Noughra

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