An extraordinary overnight experience in Wadi Rum

There’s no ‘right way’ to experience Wadi Rum– you have lots of choices. But if you try bivouac camping you might find it is your favorite way to live an authentic experience in the desert.

Different people have different travel styles. Some want to “glamp” in a Bubble. Others want the full bedouin experience when visiting the desert. Here at Wadi Rum Escape, we have options for the adventurous traveler who wants to try something more back-to-nature: sleeping under the stars!

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Sleeping under the stars is actually also a much more eco-friendly way to spend your travel moments with us. Let the breeze keep you cool, instead of a noisy air-conditioner. Of course this option is not the best during the winter months, as the nights in the desert can get quite cold. But during the spring, summer and fall, this is quite a beautiful way to enjoy a very peaceful and remote experience. Which is probably why you are coming to the desert, right?

Sleeping under the stars near the camp

If you still want to enjoy the communal experience at our bedouin camp, with dinner in the main tent and the evening activities you may wish to let us prepare the outdoor sleeping for you nearby. We provide everything you need – the mats, mattresses, blankets and pillows. The advantage of this choice is that you have easy access to the camp’s bathroom!

a mat with sleeping mattresses and blankets sits near the bedouin camp
The Wadi Rum Escape camp – with guests set up for the outdoor sleeping.

Or, try our Bivouac experience

The guide will take you to a more remote area of the desert to what we call a “bedouin cave” for bivouac camping. You don’t go inside a cave to sleep though. It is actually a natural shelter at the base of a large rock outcrop with a sort of natural overhang, so you do experience sleeping under the stars. And the area is protected a bit by a low stone wall to delimit the area. Here we set up the fire and the sleeping area.

The guide stays with you throughout and organizes the bivouac, as well as cooking the dinner and breakfast for you.

We think you’ll remember this as the highlight of your whole Jordan trip!

The guide preparing dinner over the fire at the bivouac.

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