In Wadi Rum


After the tour you will head to a view point to sip tea while you watch the sunset over the desert.

Our local bedouin guide will set up the bivouac site for you with all the necessary items for the overnight camping.

Time to sit around the campfire and enjoy hearing stories about the bedouin life and traditions.


The guide will prepare your dinner and breakfast at the bivouac. And we always drink tea brewed over the fire.

Traditional food is Prepared

There's no 'right way' to experience Wadi Rum-- you have lots of choices.  But if you try bivouac camping you might find it is your favorite way to enjoy an authentic bedouin experience in the desert.

Bedouin MUSIC

In the evening, you will hear stories about the bedouin life and history.  You might also enjoy traditional Oud music.

Why sleep in a tent when you can have an overnight stay in the open air with millions of stars overhead?  Make sure to bring a flashlight with you as well to find your way if needed.

Camping is also amazing when the moon is full. You get a lovely view of the desert by the light of the moon allowing you see the mountains contrasted in the distance.

Have an unforgettable visit in Wadi Rum and spend some peaceful hours imbued with the local culture and desert life.