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Mountain hikes in Wadi Rum

The Top 3

The Top 3

The Top 3

Jabal Umm Ad Dami

Jabal Burdah Arch


These are the most popular mountain hikes in Wadi Rum, and if you try all three there are still more.


It's best to have a local guide

The mountains have several routes up which are not always clear or of the same difficulty.  The guide can show you the best way. 


We go by 4x4 to reach these mountains.

Jabal Al-Hash and Jabal Umm Ad Dami are in the most southern part of the desert near the border with Saudi Arabia.

#1. Jabal Umm Ad Dami Hike

This takes you to the top of the highest mountain in Jordan at 6083ft. for amazing views.  On a clear day you may see the Gulf of Aqaba.

Grade 2,/ 3 moderate difficulty

View from the first stage of the Umm Ad Dami hike.

The mountain has a false summit so it is much higher than it appears from this approach to the ridge.

Iconic, scenic, spectacular! This natural rock bridge is one of the highest in the world. Awesome views of the "martian" landscape below.

moderate difficulty

#2. Jabal Burdah  Rock Arch

The section at the top near the arch is the most challenging portion of the hike.




#3. Jabal Al-Hash hike

This is an easy hike in a beautiful part of the desert overlooking Wadi Sabet.  You can hike more in  Noughra canyon afterwards.

Not difficult

What seasons are best for hiking?

Spring and fall are the high seasons in Wadi Rum.  Hiking in the heat of the summer is not as much fun. But temps are not too cold to hike in winter months.



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