Desert Jeep Tour in Wadi Rum


August 2022

The classic full day jeep tour is the most popular option when visiting Wadi Rum. You'll see highlights in the Protected Area with a local bedouin guide

The tour begins at Wadi Rum village- where about  2000 locals live. Although there are about 300 bedouin who still live in the desert in tents.

The colors of Wadi Rum sand vary from a deep orange hue like Mars, to some areas with much lighter sand. No wonder they filmed "The Martian" here!

You will see Lawrence's Spring, where the camels are refreshed.  There are also ancient inscriptions here on a very large rock face nearby. 

There are two rock arches to climb up to during the tour.  This one is called "Umm Frouth" bridge.  It's not too difficult to climb up.

This one, called "The Little Arch" gives a broad panoramic view of the desert. Wear good shoes for climbing up!

Thousands of ancient rock inscriptions are in Wadi Rum. You will see some famous ones in Khazali canyon,

Stop at a bedouin tent to enjoy tea and perhaps catch a local musician playing the Oud. This tent is near the "Mushroom Rock"

The landscape of Wadi Rum can only be described as epic. It feels like stepping back in time. This is a perfect place in Jordan to take it slow.

At the end of the day we go to a great view point to watch the sun set over the mountains and sip sweet tea brewed over the fire.

You can also stay overnight at a traditional bedouin camp, off-grid, for an authentic experience. Taste the local Zarb barbecue and hear stories.

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