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Aqaba has a small airport for direct flights: King Hussein International Airport. So if you arrive to Aqaba directly you can begin or end your visit with time at this coastal city. 

Enjoy  the Red Sea

If you have 4-6 days to spend in Jordan you may prefer to visit the “Golden triangle” in the south and concentrate your time between Aqaba, Petra, and Wadi Rum.

Focus on Southern Jordan

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Take your pick of more than 20 dive sites, many of which are easily reached from the shore.

Dive or snorkel the Red Sea by day and enjoy the city of Aqaba by night.

Is seeing this "Wonder of the World" still on your travel bucket-list? Walk through the Siq canyon, until you reach the impressive Treasury, "Al Khazneh."

Next.. Discover Petra

Then head in further to explore the Royal tombs, the Roman Theater, the temples, Byzantine church ruins, or climb to the High Place of Sacrifice.

"Ad-Deir"  The Monastery

There are 2 ways to reach this famous facade. Either by climbing over 900 rock hewn steps, or a hike via the "back way."

Hike with a local guide

The views during the hike to the Monastery are outstanding and it feels less of a struggle than climbing the stone steps.

Get away from the world for a few days, and recharge. Spend the time exploring and soak in the desert vibes.

After Petra, head to Wadi Rum

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Try Camel Riding

Traveling by the "ships of the desert" allows you to slow down and just appreciate the moment. A great way to experience bedouin ways.

Local bedouin guides will show you the highlights of the desert in a full day tour, and you can see more areas off the beaten tracks as well. Combine this with some canyon hiking!

Meet the crew before sunrise, see how the balloon is made ready. Then the captain will  take you on a flight over the desert.

Take a memorable hot air balloon flight

Go for the authentic bedouin experience!

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Hiking in Wadi Rum

Camel Riding in Wadi Rum

Visit Arrakis Wadi Rum

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