What can you do in Wadi Rum?

Wadi Rum Escape

February  1, 2022

Check out our recommendations for a great time in this Jordanian desert!

Explore in a 4x4


The classic Jeep tour (usually they are Toyota pickups!) is the most popular way to get around the desert so you can see more in less time.  Go for a full day tour.

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Ride a camel


This is a bucket-list item for many travelers to the region. In Wadi Rum you can go for a longer trek, or go for a shorter ride of 1-3 hours to get a feel for it.

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See Ancient Inscriptions


There are thousands of petroglyphs in Wadi Rum with art and writing in many languages over thousands of years!

Go for a Balloon Ride


One of the most dramatic ways to experience the desert is to get a bird's eye view.  An unforgettable experience!

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Hike the Mountains


The three most popular mountains to hike are Jabal Hash (in the south), Jabal Umm Ad Dami (highest mountain in Jordan) and Jabal Burdah (with Jordan's highest rock bridge).

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See unusual rock formations


There are large and small rock bridges, rocks shaped like a mushroom or a cow.  Many formed by the slow erosion of the sandstone.

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Visit Biblical Sites


There are several named locations from the Exodus that are in Wadi Rum, as Moses and the people passed through the area called  "The wilderness of Paran."

Sunsets are magical


Sip sweet bedouin tea brewed over the fire and enjoy the sunset from a good vantage point.

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Stay at a bedouin camp


Traditional bedouin camps located inside the Wadi Rum protected area provide the most authentic experience. Make travel meaningful and more eco-friendly !

Try the local food


The most famous bedouin dinner is the Zarb, which is cooked under the sand. Digging it out is a big part of the fun, and of course food cooked this way is delicious!

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Learn about Bedouin Life


At a traditional camp you can hear bedouin stories, sing, dance, listen to Oud music, and learn how to roast Arabic coffee.  Experiencing the local culture is a must!



Most people in the world live in areas with so much light pollution that they never really see the milky way or the night sky in all its glory. 

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