Our Wadi Rum bedouin camp is a peaceful, off-grid escape.

Our guests are looking for a Wadi Rum bedouin camp for a total experience that is more connected to nature and the local culture. Independent travelers who choose to stay inside the protected area of Wadi Rum know that our desert camps have a special character, setting us apart from the larger tourist accommodations in the outlying area. 

Nestled by the Abu Khashaba canyon where our tribal ancestors lived, we are located about 10 kilometers into the desert from the village. Going off-grid gives a more sustainable experience which is also quieter, less crowded, and geared to the simple pleasures. 

Wadi Rum bedouin camp accommodations are sturdy tents covered in the traditional goat hair cloth. Each private tent has fresh linens, warm blankets, lockable doors, and electric light. And we pride ourselves on the rooms being exceptionally clean. Our family has a strong connection to this nature and we respect the desert life. We arrange a variety of tours for our guests.

We only use solar power – no noisy diesel generators. In the communal tent you can recharge your phones or camera batteries.  We are too remote for wifi connection, so embrace this peaceful time of disconnecting from the technology and the stress of normal routine.

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Meals and Activities

When we welcome you here it is an invitation to share bedouin culture and way of life: the meals we prepare, bottomless cups of tea, and evenings by the fire with music, song and stories from the old days. Dinners are served buffet style in our communal tent and you can enjoy our fireplace there while listening to the sounds of the Oud, or the one-stringed instrument called the Rababa which is difficult to master. 

All meals are freshly prepared and lunch during your tour is made on the spot with mostly vegetarian dishes. Please share any dietary requirements with us so that we can do our best to accommodate your needs. Everyone should try the Zarb, which is a delicious way that bedouin prepare vegetables and meats in an underground pit, cooking slowly under the sand.  Other traditional dishes, salads and sweets are served along with water, juices and sodas.  

Abu KhashAba Canyon


Clean Shared Bathroom


Dark-Sky Friendly Nights


The red pin on the map shows you our location. Map coordinates are: 29°29’54.6″N 35°28’22.2″E

It takes two hours by camel to arrive at our camp from the village, but by jeep only 20 minutes.

At our Wadi Rum bedouin camp we have the options of family tent with four beds or double tent with two twin beds. Children under 3 stay free. We can also add an extra bed to the room if needed. The tents are not equipped with outlets, fans or heat/AC.

One of the 2 shared bathrooms at our Wadi Rum bedouin camp.

The bathroom facilities are shared, but we have separate bathrooms for men and women (not all bedouin camps have this). All water for the camp has to be brought in from outside.  We appreciate responsible use of the precious water.  Shared bathrooms are the most eco-friendly option.

Bring a flashlight or headlamp for nighttime visits to the restroom, as we do not use excessive lighting on site for a better stargazing experience. Toilet paper is provided, but bring towels and toiletry items with you.

Check out our blog to learn more about eco-friendly travel in Wadi Rum.

If you are the adventurous traveler who will be comfortable sleeping in nature, we also will set up bivouac camping for you. On multi-day treks this is a must-try. Your guide will prepare the site with everything you need: mattresses and blankets, campfire, and cook both dinner and breakfast.

Learn more about the bivouac experience.

After the meal we sit together outside, relax and have more tea and conversation under the vast canopy of stars. Did you know: 99 percent of people living in Europe and the US live with constant light pollution from cities?  Around the globe, most people nowadays don’t really know what it is like to see the stars from a dark place.  So we encourage you to enjoy the night sky as the ancients did. Perhaps you will see the Milky Way in its glory for the very first time. 

Even if you aren’t here during a known time for a meteor shower you can often catch sight of shooting stars.  First make your wishes, and then you can make a game of counting to see who spots the most.  

If you prefer to sleep under the stars near the camp, we will help you get set up for this! It’s a memorable experience to sleep in the open air under a canopy of stars.

A large mat is spread out on the desert sand, with pillows and blankets.  The sun has not yet set and in the background there is the silhouette of the mountain and the large communal tent of the camp.

We hope you will gain new insights, inspiration and make magical memories during your desert escape. Be sure to stay on top of your timing.  Breakfast in the communal tent is early so that you can have a full day for your desert explorations or get back on the road to your next destination.  We do our best to make sure that you depart from us as friends who would someday return.