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Below we have the most frequently asked questions about visiting Wadi Rum, as well as our tours and camp. If you don’t see the answer to your question below, just send us a message!

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Our rates are always kept current on this website. Just check our pricing page here. To check availability for specific dates, use the contact form on this page. We will respond to your email within 24 hours.

Normally we begin the tour in the morning at 9:00am, so you would be arriving at approximately 8:30 to our office in Wadi Rum Village. This works well if you are coming from Aqaba or Petra. However, if you have a longer drive from further north it may be better for you to arrive in the late afternoon before dinner, check in and overnight at the camp and then have your tour begin on the next day. We aim to be flexible depending on your needs, so just let us know when you book and we can discuss further the best way to arrange your experience while visiting Wadi Rum.

In order to ensure availability you should book as soon as you are sure you will be making your trip. However, we often receive bookings at short notice (at least 24 hours ahead please). If you have a change of plans and will not be able to keep your reservation please let us know so that we can make it available to others.

You should pack items that will be needed in the desert such as sunglasses, sunscreen, hat, powerbank for recharging phone during the tour, lip balm, bug spray (yes, we sometimes have mosquitoes). Bring your jacket for the evening, or layers of warm clothing if visiting in the colder months. A towel and toiletries will be needed as the camp does not provide these.

Also make sure to bring sufficient cash as there are no ATMs or credit card facilities in Rum Village. Bring your Jordan pass if you purchased it because this can be used to enter the area at the Visitor’s Center. The usual 5JOD ticket (1 JOD for Arabic passport holders) is not included in your tour price.

If you require prescription medication please make sure you bring it with you, along with anything else you would need like epipen, etc.

Note that alcohol is not available for purchase in Wadi Rum, so any for personal use should be brought with you.

After you pass through at the Visitors Center you continue to Wadi Rum Village. Our owner, Abdullh Zalabieh will greet you personally at the Wadi Rum Resthouse. Details about the rendezvous point will be included in your Booking confirmation document.

The weather is best during the fall and spring months, and these are the best times especially for hiking. It can be very hot during the summer and doing strenuous hikes can be very rough. During the winter there can be snow in Wadi Rum, but this is pretty unusual. The temperatures in the desert always drop in the evening, so it is always a good idea to have a jacket even during nice weather.

You can check the local Wadi Rum weather here.

Our general recommendation is against young children doing the hikes, but in the end this is your judgement. Our experience is that kids over 13 can do the easiest hike which is Jabal Hash. We do not think that hiking Umm Ad Dami or Jabal Burdah (which is the most technically challenging) are appropriate for most children.

Of course you are advised not to wander far from the camp alone, as it is easy to become disoriented. Travelers have lost their way in the desert so always have water with you. We explain safety measures to all our guests when they arrive.

Also, as the official Jordan government website explains: “Some poisonous species of snakes and scorpions can be found in the protected area. If you are bitten by a snake or scorpion, try and note its color and markings, tie a tourniquet above the bite, immobilize the affected area, and obtain medical help as soon as possible. It should be stressed, however, that bites from snakes or scorpions are extremely rare; the vast majority of visitors never see them.”

You will have phone signal in Wadi Rum village, but shortly after heading into the desert the signal will drop.

Although the camp is off grid, we have solar power. In the evening after your tour you can use the power in the communal tent to charge your devices. There is electric light in the tents, but no outlet. It is recommended to bring a powerbank with you during the tour so that if your smartphone battery is low you can recharge and not miss being able to take photos.

There are no public restrooms in the desert, But if you are staying overnight with us we have a shared facilities with sinks, showers and toilets. There are separate bathrooms for male and female guests. Water is a scarce resource so we ask you to be responsible with your water usage.

We appreciate your concern with keeping our desert beautiful and free of rubbish while visiting Wadi Rum. Please give any trash to your guide during the tour so that he can properly dispose it.

Yes, if you need help with getting to and from Wadi Rum we are happy to arrange taxi transportation for you which would be paid to the driver directly. If you prefer a private driver instead, just let us know.

If you wish to try the hot air balloon experience, it must be booked directly through the Royal Aero Sports Club of Jordan.

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