Bivouac Camping

Camp out under the stars in Wadi Rum

You don’t have to be an experienced outdoor type to have the special adventure of bivouac camping outside in the desert of Wadi Rum. We provide the necessary camping gear for a minimalist experience and your guide does all the set up. The dry air and sand make camping out here very easy and fun. In the summer, many find it is more comfortable to sleep outdoors in Wadi Rum than in tents. Certainly it is more phenomenal! Enjoy an evening barbecue around a glowing campfire and admire the stars with just the moonlight. No need to set an alarm, as the sun will wake you naturally in the morning. But it is a nice idea to wake a little before to watch the sun rise.

Don’t just visit the desert, experience it!

This is what turns camping into “glamping”— not a plastic bubble. It is real camping but with no hassle, just the personal attention of a bedouin guide devoted to you and your total desert experience. Sleeping out in the open, with the vastness of the desert and mountains surrounding you, is an exceptional getaway in itself. But in Wadi Rum you do it in bedouin style and get to learn the local way of life.

Cooking over a fire at the bivouac in Wadi Rum

Our local bedouin guides have the skills and experience to prepare your bivouac, start the fire, cook a delicious meal and make your night under the stars as easy as you showing up. All you have to do is enjoy the moments, savor the food, and be mesmerized by the brilliant night sky with a billion stars all around.

Camping is also amazing when the moon is full. You get a lovely view of the desert by the light of the moon allowing you see the mountains contrasted in the distance.

What does the Wadi Rum bivouac experience include?

  • Night in a bivouac camp with the necessary items for sleep provided (mats, mattresses and blankets)
  • Local, English-speaking bedouin guide who prepares the camp, fire, tea and meals
  • Dinner and breakfast in nature
  • Stories by the fire about the local way of life and bedouin history here

What do you need to bring along for the night?

  • Headlamp or flashlight
  • Jacket and warm clothes for evening
  • Closed shoes for climbing up to sunset point
  • Flip-flops/sandals if you like- to wear after the tour
  • Hat and gloves if it a colder month

We have several temporary bivouac campsites and your guide will choose the best based on your itinerary. If you have a multi-day program, the bivouac will be in different spots each night. Check out our story about bivouac camping in Wadi Rum to see one of our favorite spots.

group of campers at a bivouac site in wadi rum, with a local guide starting a fire nearby
a couple enjoys the wadi rum bivouac experience under a large overhanging rock - a fire is burning in the background
a couple having tea with the bedouin guide at the bivouac site

Bedouin enjoy spending nights out in the open desert, sheltered by a mountain and we want to share the spirit of this with you. Together we will be the guests of nature and you will never forget this experience of a lifetime!

Amazing experience with the most amazing people

“We spent the whole day in the company of our guide, who showed us the secrets of Wadi Rum, and took us to a camp with nomadic Bedouins. In the evening we dine and sleep in the cave under the stars. Super recommendable! The cave was amazing and very well situated so we could watch the sunset and dine protected from the cold, and then we slept watching the stars. Wonderful!”
Rocio Ráton

Pricing Information for our Wadi Rum Bivouac Experience

  • For any tour we offer, the overnight stay at bivouac can be substituted for a night in the private tent at the camp.
  • The surcharge for bivouac camping is 20JOD per person per night.