Two Hour Camel Ride

A 2 hour camel ride can be added at the beginning or the end of your program. Enjoy traveling by camel inside the protected area like a bedouin. Even children can ride, small ones with an adult. Wear comfortable clothing that isn’t too tight. And best not to wear flip-flops or sandals that could fall off your feet during the ride!

A local guide, specialized with training camels, will accompany you.


At the start OR End of your trip:

This camel ride is direct to /from our bedouin camp at Abu Khashaba canyon. You will enjoy the magnificent desert landscape with no stops. If you reach Wadi Rum in the afternoon and want to experience a 2 hour camel ride upon arrival, this is a good choice. The camels are gentle and prized possessions of their owners, so they are well-fed, and well-treated.

Note: Your luggage will be carried separately to the Escape camp by jeep if you are staying overnight with us.

Camels at the camp after arriving at sunset.
two camels are resting and standing are a man and woman who are about to ride them
Two riders on camels stop for a posed photo with their bedouin guide during the 2 hour camel ride

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